12 Dec

Home Again, Home Again, Diggety Dig


It is now fall and sometimes our green thumb gets even greener. What to do? First find out what fall plants can be planted in your area. Tulips are a favorite to plant right about now. Being a perennial they reoccur every year for many years but most gardeners treat them as annuals.

Tulips planted in fall before the ground freezes will bloom from early spring into early summer. Tulips are bought as bulbs, not seeds. The bulbs are dormant during the late fall and winter but planting them must come before the ground freezes (about 6-8 weeks before a hard freeze). These flowers do best in areas that have dry summers and cold winters. But with so many different varieties you can find one for the region you live in; even if you have to grow it in a pot in your sun room. Tulips do require a sandy type soil.

The colors range is from deep almost black purple, to orange, to cream, there are so many colors and variants of those colors they will create you a beautiful garden or a beautiful bouquet cut fresh from the garden. They also vary in shape; you have small cups, bowls and goblets to even more complex varieties. In the blooming season they make great cut flowers and enhance any aspect of a room.

You can plant different varieties and colors and line your flowerbeds with them and have the perfect garden from early spring into the early summer; showcasing a grand tulip Garden. Different varieties do mean different needs. Some need full exposure to sun and others need just the morning sunlight there are even bulbs for shaded areas. Planting the different varieties depends on which part of fall you’re in. If you have animals visiting your flower garden the bulbs to buy are alliums and others you can try to keep little creatures from eating their blooms.

Shopping for bulbs depends on the person. Some say large merchandising stores have so many to offer they choose to go there. For more rare or hard to find varieties you may have to go to a nursery or order them online. Some people shop for their particular tulips from catalogs from places all over the world. If you are just beginning to learn how to grow tulips it’s better using a simple route. Here’s to Spring coming back again!